Stronger Connections With Content

Now you can create content based on data instead of gut feel.  Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning mine digital expressions to show you where to focus.

Enabling a Data-Driven Content Strategy

What Are the Emerging Hot Topics?

What are the burning questions people have?  How can I find trends before they go mainstream?

What Language Resonates?

Which words are people using?  How can I use unexpected language to connect more strongly?

How Can I Optimize Content to Connect?

Where can I use the right content at the right time?  How can I maximize SEO and conversion rates?

The Protagonist Solution

Revealing the Full Conversation

Protagonist helps you optimize content through a complete understanding audience mindsets.  We create a thorough picture by combining different types of data.  First we collect all their digital expressions on the web.  Second we gather all the media that are affecting points of view.  Finally we pull in search behavior.  We balance these data sets into one simple view of the full conversation.

Regular Reports & Interactive Dashboard

Each period , Protagonist gives you a Content Optimization package that highlights top trends, includes sample content pieces, and provides guidance on how to create optimized content.  Then we build a custom Dashboard for you to explore these trends in more depth.  

Content Optimizer: Finally, Data-Driven Content Creation

Our Narrative Experts guide you as you take content creation from an art to a data driven science.  You’ll understand which content to create when.  And you’ll know what specific language to use to build the strongest connections with customers.  

Ongoing Advisory

Protagonist can help you plan your annual content marketing calendar or write your press releases or anything in between.  Our Narrative Experts are here to help you turn Narrative Dashboard updates into action.


A Fortune 50 Tech Leader Builds a Content Plan

To compete against big players and new startups, our client needed a more effective way to connect with customers

The Challenge

Intense innovation by competitors had left our client with a reputation for being behind the curve and out of touch.

The Solution

With Narrative Analytics, Protagonist provided a unique window into how people see technology fitting into their lives.  These insights revealed how our client could connect on emotional and topical levels with customers.

The Results

Armed with Narrative Analytics, the client aligned their their content and social media calendars to get the right content to the right customer at the right time.