Technology Overview

Technology companies today range from stalwarts that continuously reinvent to remain relevant to lean start-ups developing technologies that are disrupting entire industries. Whether the company is a Fortune 500 or a fledgling start-up, both need to understand the Narratives that resonate with key business decision makers and which are the best channels to deliver those messages.

Key Industry
Pain Points


Everyone can demonstrate functionality. But selling the value of a solution is another story. Typically, communications experts turn to colleagues, friends in the industry, and/or analyst reports to figure out what best fits their needs. But feedback based on hearsay can be scattered and misguided.


Selling to broad market segments makes it extremely difficult to create a product that meets each industry’s unique needs. Many technology companies struggle with moving from being horizontal to vertical, from generic to specific, from platform to solution.


Communications experts want to get the biggest ROI from their campaigns. But, with so many different channels, which will be more effective? Will email deliver more value than social media? SEO or paid search? A place to start is knowing how customers want to interact with your brand.

"Protagonist's unique text mining approach to listening to conversations that are organically happening on the web helped us more deeply understand what is truly on the mind of SMBs. Before the analyses, we had no idea what their challenges and needs are and the work from Protagonist helped us better understand what topics get discussed and what the beliefs are. It will help us greatly in formulating the voice and tone we use and how we position our products. "

Rogier Verhulst, Director Market Research – Global Marketing, LinkedIn

Solutions for Technology

Energize Your Brand

When communications experts understand the Narratives that attach to their brand, they can create a Narrative Strategy to better position and present products and services to customer segments most likely to buy. That’s how Protagonist helps tech companies build high value brands in a highly difficult and competitive marketplace.

Win a Narrative Battle

In the rapidly-evolving high tech sector, knowing how to maintain relevance, as disruptive technologies gain traction, becomes an art form. Protagonist helps tech companies understand and influence the Narratives that shape the zeitgeist and align with the right messages to achieve business goals.

Activate Your Target Audience

You need to know what your target audience believes to show them your product is imperative to success. Protagonist uncovers the Narratives you need to create messages that resonate with the customers that can broaden your market or increase penetration.



Protagonist helped VMware find the right narratives to make executives believe their products were essential for realizing business goals.

The Challenge

Increase brand recognition beyond a tech niché, elevating its position with broader IT and business decision-maker audiences.


The Solution

Analyze the presence of VMware versus competition in several key Narrative Landscapes, including cloud computing, the IT industry, and the future of business.


The Results

Redefined the messaging platform, which attached strongly to a forward-looking narrative, “Software-Defined Future”, that resonates with a business audience.


It's Time for the Deep Dive

The Narrative Analytics Difference:
How to Achieve Success in a Post-fact World