Protagonist’s Audience Analytics uses custom machine learning models designed by our analysts to illuminate target audiences of any size—from niche segments to larger groups. Our detailed reports reveal customer insights that help marketers, product leaders, content creators, researchers and communicators to connect with customers and win markets.

The Narrative Analytics Approach

We invented Narrative Analytics, a specialized combination of human expertise and machine learning applied to digital expressions at scale. This is the innovation that drives Audience Analytics.

Audience Analytics in Action

Rich Data Acquisition

We source the conversations that matter, from hundreds of millions of unprompted digital expressions

Customized Machine Learning

Our teams develop machine learning models tailored to your situation to ensure understanding of the target audience’s most important conversations

Expert Human Analysis and Insights

With dozens of years of using Narrative Analytics to analyze audiences, our teams are hyper-focused on creating customized solutions that address your business challenges

What's your challenge today?

Discover how Audience Analytics can propel your organization

You’re launching a new product and want to ensure market fit.

  • Inform product design and development with a unique window into customer needs
  • Ensure go-to-market strategy and positioning resonates with the target audience
  • Understand pain points, aspirations and jobs to be done

You’re making a strategic move to capture a new audience with your products and services, but you need to better understand the target segment.

  • Gain unique insight through the segment’s unprompted expressions of their needs and priorities
  • Understand customer needs through a narrative lens
  • Inform additional research and go-to-market strategies

You’re an established provider for your core audience, but competitors and new entrants are threatening your position.

  • Deepen your understanding of your customers
  • Establish new, inspiring ways to view customer needs—narratives, elements of value, jobs to be done
  • Discover how your core segment is naturally describing you and competitors

You’re serving existing customers well, but you’re leaving value on the table.

  • Discover additional opportunity by analyzing how your segment describes their needs
  • Expand your value proposition to serve the whole customer
  • Position against alternatives and compete to meet your audience’s needs more comprehensively

You plan to conduct surveys, focus groups and interviews to better understand a new segment with which you have little experience.

  • Ensure that costly traditional research gets a head start with a foundational understanding of the segment’s needs
  • Inform survey questions, interview guides and facilitator plans with baseline information about audience perspectives
  • Use Narrative Analytics as a cost-effective method for refreshing insights periodically

You have a unique need that requires groundbreaking insight into a target segment

  • Work with Protagonist to design custom solutions for your challenges
  • Inform your decisions with data and leading-edge analysis
  • Let our consultants help you with specific needs–from predictive analytics to index creation and more

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Meet our Experts

Jeff Marshall

Jeff leads Protagonist’s corporate practice, serving clients across a variety of industry sectors, including technology, energy, healthcare, financial services and consumer packaged goods. Jeff is passionate about helping clients to create business value through a deeper understanding of human mindsets. Jeff has pioneered our Audience Analytics work, helping clients to understand audiences as diverse as small businesses, millennials, mid-career professionals, front-line workers and IT buyers.

Becky Owens

Becky has overseen dozens of Narrative Analytics engagements across the corporate, foundation and government sectors. As VP of Analytics, Becky also heads our research and development work, creating new capabilities with organizations such as DARPA and channeling those capabilities into our Audience Analytics work. For Audience Analytics clients, Becky's team has created specialized methodologies to establish deeper and more extensive insights into audience needs.

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