The Importance of Trust

Research shows that trust is vitally important to any company’s success, yet less than half of companies measure this critical success.

Despite the importance of trust, few companies measure it regularly.  We invented Trust Analytics to make that possible.

Trust Analytics in Action

Watch this 8-minute video describing how LinkedIn worked with Protagonist to understand, measure and manage trust in the social media space.

The Protagonist Trust Analytics Difference

Digital Expressions “in the Wild”

We source unprompted discussion in media and social media to capture the organic conversation about trust in your market space

Machine Learning Measurement

We use proprietary ML models designed specifically to identify and quantify underlying drivers of trust and distrust

Focus on the Important Issues

We analyze the factors causing trust and distrust in your context to pinpoint the critical factors for you to address

Bias for Action

Our teams help you to interpret results, identify opportunities and create concrete plans to improve customer trust

Our Trust Analytics Solution

Quarterly Trust Reports

Measure how your company is trusted compared to other providers in the space, unpack the reasons why changes have occurred and prepare to take action

Early Warning System

Utilize Protagonist’s advanced signal detection capabilities to recognize threats early and take corrective action to mitigate trust erosion

Trust Index

Track a single-score KPI to recognize opportunities for improvement, measure success of trust-oriented initiatives and compare your reputation to competitors

Comprehensive Data Sources

Take advantage of Protagonist’s access to the full Twitter firehose, all Reddit data and over 400,000 global data sources to establish a complete trust picture


Compare your trust levels to other providers in your space, and to companies in other spaces, to assess overall trust performance and set achievable goals

Leading Edge ML Models

Access insights from Protagonist’s latest ML capabilities, developed and continuously updated in our work with DARPA and Fortune 1000 companies

Read about the latest capability in our Trust Analytics toolkit–Character Theory

Character Theory

A Peek into the Latest Component of Trust Analytics – Character Theory   “I think our company is doing heroic…

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Meet our Experts

Jeff Marshall

Jeff leads Protagonist’s corporate practice, serving clients across a variety of industry sectors, including technology, energy, healthcare, financial services and consumer packaged goods. Jeff is passionate about helping clients to create business value through a deeper understanding of human mindsets. Jeff has pioneered our Trust Analytics work, helping clients to recognize and respond to the most important trust drivers in their market spaces.

Becky Owens

Becky has overseen dozens of Narrative Analytics engagements across the corporate, foundation and government sectors. As VP of Analytics, Becky also heads our research and development work, creating new capabilities with organizations such as DARPA and channeling those capabilities into Trust Analytics and other use cases for our clients. Becky has led the creation of our specialized machine learning models and the Protagonist Trust Index.