61% of content marketers say they are unsure of what their audiences care about. Protagonist’s Content Optimization solution reveals audience needs, so your marketing teams can produce relevant, compelling content.

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Build a Data-Driven Content Strategy

Use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to discover what matters to your target audience

The Content Marketer's Challenge

Competing for Audience Attention

Now more than ever, companies are competing for the same audience attention and publishing content that doesn’t stand out.

Understanding Audience Needs

Many marketers are unsure what is important to their customers and miss out on opportunities to make audience connections through compelling content. 

Creating the Right Content at the Right Time

Without data-driven insights into audience needs, marketers struggle to publish timely content audiences really care about. 

The Ultimate Content Optimization Tool

Your Dashboard details key insights into which topics your audience is interested in, how they feel about those topics, what keywords they use, and what has changed since the last month.

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Broader Content Universe


Increase in topics on your content calendar

  • Access insights from millions of digital expressions from your target audience to reveal the long tail of topics they care about 
  • Give your teams an inside track to topics competitors may not be targeting 
  • Tap into recent trends by seeing what topics your audience has been focused on lately


Better Content Performance


Better alignment to target audience preferences

  • Identify audience pain points and drivers of satisfaction based on our proprietary sentiment analysis framework
  • Change content calendar planning from an art to a data-driven science
  • Attract and nurture your target audience more effectively with the Right Content at the Right Time in the Right Tone


Operational Efficiencies


Reduction in content calendar creation efforts

Remove the need for content creators to perform ad-hoc audience research

Spend less time making content calendar decisions about which content to publish at which times 

Foster consensus and alignment across content, social media and brand teams with fewer cross-departmental coordination meetings