Messaging Playbook

  • With data-driven insights and tactical direction, we help you create messaging that influences the conversation and drives your Narrative Strategy
  • Get specific messaging guidance including the right mix of facts, emotions, storytelling, and credibility, tailored to your objectives
  • Optimize messaging on an ongoing basis by monitoring against narrative metrics


Channel Playbook

  • Get far more insight than typical monitoring tools that just rank ‘influencers’ and digital channels by keyword associations, without disclosing the sources driving your Narratives
  • Know where and who to push Narrative messaging through to have a deep, measurable impact on beliefs
  • Leverage machine learning to accurately identify a story across posts, channels, and varying media sources


Influencer Playbook

  • Get comprehensive recommendations on how to leverage partners, pundits, journalists, analysts, and celebrities that have the most impact on your Narrative Landscape
  • Connect your messaging to channel analysis and know which channels and authors to activate, engage, and/or avoid

Other Narrative Analytics Services

Protagonist offers a full suite of services so thought leaders can tap into the power of Narrative Analytics

Narrative Analysis
& Strategy

Our core offering breaks down your business priority into a manageable set of beliefs that can be measured with data, analyzed to reveal insight, and shaped for competitive advantage. We then organize the battle plan, revealing where to play and how to win.

Monitoring & Optimization

We regularly monitor the constantly shifting Narrative Landscape to:

1) Evaluate the performance of your communications efforts

2) Ensure your strategies align with opportunities the current landscape presents

3) Execute on tactical recommendations from our Narrative experts