Narrative Landscape

  • Our core analysis breaks down your business priority into a manageable set of beliefs that can be measured with data, analyzed for insight, and shaped for competitive advantage.
  • Surface beliefs with the depth of first person research and the reach of social listening
  • Identify the belief signal in the noise using Natural Language Processing, scanning for argument structures, emotionally-charged language, subjectivity, and other patterns


Narrative Signature

  • Discover how your brand shows up in key narratives, versus your competitors and your category, to uncover threats, opportunities, and market whitespace
  • Understand how the association of your brand measures up to the most important narratives in your landscape
  • Learn which narratives are working against you, which ones are working for you, and which narratives may give you the opportunity to shape a new narrative


Narrative Impact

  • Identify which narratives are most powerful in the conversation based on their volume, social engagement, reach and consistency to reveal narratives to prioritize
  • See both positive and negative narratives in the conversation, which are the highest volume, fastest rising or have most polarizing presence
  • Using deep data analysis, we measure the narrative resonance and monitor followers or keyword strength to show the narrative impact on each key narrative versus key competitors


Narrative Trends

  • Assess how events, seasonality, and influencers drive spikes, patterns, and momentum in the landscape and how you can intervene
  • Track trends over time, and reveal the topics, keywords, brands, and rich content that drive each narrative forward
  • Analyze trends and translate these insights into traditional demographics so marketers can deliver the right narrative to the right segments at the right time


Narrative Strategy

  • Select key narratives to influence guiding positioning, messaging, creative, campaign execution and tracking success
  • Reveal opportunities to attach to favorable narratives, where your brand signature is strong relative to competitors
  • Target negative or competitor-dominated narratives to exploit addressable weaknesses, and steer clear of “no win” beliefs associated with your brand


Whitespace Analysis

  • Uncover where the “white space” areas are in the public discourse so you can take advantage
  • Pinpoint strong positive narratives or those aligned to your goals, as well as those that have no clear owner to carve out a dominant, market and statistically validated narrative
  • Identify the positive narratives that aren’t yet associated with any brand and leverage them to your advantage


North Star Narrative

  • The North Star Narrative (NSN) is the story that you want to be told about your organization and brand. We work with you to create a NSN that balances your organization’s highest aspirations with the data-driven reality.
  • Create playbooks that chart the execution path, using the NSN as the cornerstone for your entire communications strategy

Other Narrative Analytics Products

Protagonist offers a full suite of services so marketers and communications leaders can tap into the power of narrative analytics

Communication Strategies

We offer critical services for Communications teams, from Communications Audits to understand the performance of your messaging and your competitors, to Communications Playbooks that provide data-driven guidance on what to say, where to say it, and which influencers to engage.

Monitoring & Optimization

We regularly monitor the constantly shifting Narrative Landscape to: 1) evaluate the performance of your marketing and communications efforts and 2) ensure your strategies align with the opportunities the current landscape presents.