The Challenge

Executives who can’t see the full range of beliefs miss opportunities to elevate their
brand or counter the unseen forces that drag them down.

Improve Your Brand’s Reputation

Protect yourself from being blindsided by unforeseen Narrative forces that can cause major disruption.

Strengthen Your Competitive Position

Connect to your audience with greater impact by utilizing complete and meaningful insights.

Design Meaningful Campaigns

Create campaigns using a full and unbiased view of beliefs about your brand, product, and industry. 

The Protagonist Solution

Understand What People Believe

Protagonist gives brands true insight into buyer motivations at scale, grounded in data and connected with powerful strategies that directly address brand challenges.

Build and Execute Your Narrative Strategy

Protagonist delivers prescriptive, clear guidance on which beliefs to amplify, undermine, reframe, or avoid, and exactly how to do it - from persona development and segmentation to Messaging Playbooks.

Monitor and Optimize

Narrative Analytics clearly shows if your efforts are resonating with your target audience and having the desired effects.

A customer experience

“Narrative Analytics enabled us to identify a number of positive and negative narratives about ownership that were prevalent in the US, understand their relative importance, ascertain what circumstances & themes were driving each narrative, and crucially identify where these conversations were happening and who was driving them.”

Julian Aldridge, VP, Brand Evangelism and Activation, Charles Schwab

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It's Time for the Deep Dive

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to win their Narrative battle