What are Master Narratives?

Master Narratives are the enduring, historically grounded stories that explain a population’s beliefs, aspirations, and concerns, such as the “American Dream” narrative in the US.

Protagonist’s Master Narratives product line surfaces the worldviews, motivations and perspectives for a wide range of countries or populations, combined with political, cultural, and geopolitical analysis that puts these beliefs and perspectives into context. 

These reports offer insights relevant to a wide range of national security, other government, and civil society applications, including intelligence and policy analysis for public engagement, defense and counter-terrorism, diplomacy, strategic communications, and public affairs applications. We have completed over 60 Master Narratives products to date, for a number of organizations.

Master Narratives® Product Types

Master Narratives Country Reports

Baseline assessment of dominant narratives, audiences, and influencers in a given country; captures enduring narratives that define the national discourse and highlights cleavages among key  audiences. 

Audience Segment Reports

In-depth analysis of groups that are of interest or concern; deep looks at specific demographic segments, institutions, or key influencers within a given country. 

Regional and Transnational Reports

Regional comparative lenses of actors (e.g., extremist groups) or issues (e.g., cyber, climate change). Deep looks at major trends and themes to identify transnational or regional patterns and differences.

Messaging and Engagement Guides

Assessments of the messaging strategies used by influencers to engage with selected audiences and / or the messages that resonate with those audiences. Can support  public diplomacy, military to military (Mil to Mil) engagement efforts, countering violent extremism (CVE), strategic communications, civil affairs, and other communications use cases. 

Other Master Narratives® Services

In addition to producing finished Master Narratives products, Protagonist provides a range of geopolitical research, analysis, strategy and consulting services, relevant to national security, other government, non-governmental organization, and civil society applications. 

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