Pharmaceuticals Overview

Today’s pharma communications experts need to understand the interdependence of payer, provider, and pharmaceutical value chains. In addition, chronic diseases are on the rise and concern over drug pricing is threatening brands, which further complicates the scenario.

As a result, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly under pressure to develop products consumers need and can afford, and drugs doctors will prescribe as the global healthcare market shifts gears. In short, the industry is in flux and that may change everything.

Key Industry
Pain Points


Recent dialogs suggest, that in many regions around the world, today’s RX approval procedure may be replaced by a process where newly approved therapies would receive “live licenses” conditional on further real-life testing.


Pharma will need a more flexible approach to pricing as forces are driving a shift from fixed to performance-based pricing based on how new medicines perform outside a clinical setting.


When pharma influences providers to prescribe expensive branded drugs when cheaper, generic alternatives exist, the impact can negatively effect patients.

Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

Energize your brand

Rising drug prices are headline news and are expected to become an even hotter issue as healthcare coverage costs rise and availability comes under siege. Employing Narrative Analytics helps pharma companies repair brands tarnished by negative press.

Win a narrative battle

A global conversation about high drug prices, even mitigated by high R&D costs, damages individual brands and the pharma industry. Reframing the conversation towards positive health outcomes, enabled by Pharma research, transforms the dialog in a positive way.

Activate your target audience

Protagonist measures the emotional strength of pharma Narratives in the marketplace and distinguishes which ones resonate best with audiences, a far more effective approach than basing product development and marketing campaigns on outdated market research.



Protagonist helped Pfizer uncover positive Narratives around their commitment to innovation that were under-leveraged and could be used to strengthen the brand.

The Challenge

Change the volatile debate about pharmaceutical pricing.


The Solution

Protagonist discovered that Narratives about pricing from all sectors and revealed that the industry’s position around R&D costs did not resonate with the marketplace.


The Results

Identified an opportunity to amplify an emerging Narrative about the value of drugs to patients and highlight the positive outcomes those treatments created.


It's Time for the Deep Dive

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