Taking the Pulse of Property Rights with Narrative Analysis

The property rights space is unmistakably challenging. Property rights affect nearly all aspects of life – from economic development and women’s empowerment to national security and environmental protection. Future Property Rights hosted a webinar on the narratives surrounding land and property rights with the help of Emily Keane, Director of Customer Solutions, from Protagonist.

Protagonist was asked to do an analysis of over 150,000 social media posts and 65,000 articles using big data, natural language processing, and algorithms to understand the recent property rights discussion. Based on this analysis, Omidyar Network is currently constructing a ‘property rights media barometer,’ that will demonstrate change over time in the volume, quality, and diversity of the property rights conversation.

Watch the video below to learn how Omidyar Network looks to understand how people think about property rights globally in order to draw in more actors, and capture the attention of both policymakers and funders.

The Future of Property Rights Program at New America recently hosted a webinar on April 10, 2018. Entitled “Property Rights Media Barometer and Narrative Analysis,” the webinar presented a Protagonist study funded by Omidyar Network.