The challenge marketers face

Without a clear, measurable view of their target audience’s beliefs, marketers are flying blind.

Crafting a Robust
Go-to-Market Strategy

Creating an effective go-to-market strategy is a daunting proposition without the ability to know ahead of time what message will resonate with which audience in what medium.

Building a Customer Experience that Answers Your Audience’s Needs

Surveys and focus groups only go so far to uncover the beliefs and motivations of an audience.

Leveraging Data to
Build Impactful Messaging

The vast majority of marketers today create these core pieces of their process based on instinct, experience, or at best, flawed or limited data from traditional research methods.

The Protagonist solution

Understand what people believe

Protagonist surfaces and measures the full range of deep beliefs that motivate your target audience, informing all phases of the marketer’s process.

Build and execute your Narrative Strategy

The Narrative Landscape gives you a direct line into the beliefs and motivations of your audience, revealing where to play and how to win, from personas and messaging all the way through to measurement.

Monitor and optimize

Monitoring the Narrative Landscape gives you a clear, quantifiable window into how your campaign efforts are influencing the beliefs of your target audience, as well as revealing new levers to use.

A customer experience

“We used Protagonist to segment broad opportunity areas such as hybrid cloud computing through the use of market narratives. The result was a tighter and more differentiated go-to-market proposition that resonated better with our customers.”

Jason Wehner, Director, Global Marketing Strategy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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