Feeling Proud – A Founders Joy at Launch

Tuesday, March 28 2017 Doug Randall Categories:

If I were addicted to Facebook, I’d post my status as: Feeling PROUD. Narrative Analytics WORKS.


It’s an amazing experience, to see something you’ve worked on, pursued and perfected over ten years in the company of a lot of incredibly smart people be ready to change the world. For me, Narrative Analytics is that shiny idea, a powerful amalgam of data science and social science that can take on the 10 petabytes of media the world churns out every day and identify, articulate and rank the narratives contained inside it.


How else can you grasp the trajectory of human needs and ideas, hopes, fears, preferences and aversions afoot in today’s bi-polar world? How else can you hope to understand, much less shape the conversations that pertain to your mission or your product or your brand?


Traditional market research tries. Social media monitoring tries. But in the end, what you get is a bunch of numbers. And numbers, though they surely have their place, fall way short of being able to interpret the narratives that human beings live by.


We live in a post-fact world. That means “truth” is subjective. You might say that every person has one. Or, to be accurate, many “truths” and, here’s the kicker, it makes absolutely no difference if those truths are objectively verifiable. What matters is that they attach to the psychic core of the individual and drive his or her behaviors.


Narrative Analytics’ closed loop of natural language processing, machine learning and human insight traverses the great digital wild, that messy big-data-driven universe of fact and opinion that swirls around us, and comes back with actionable insights that businesses and nonprofits can attach to in order to energize a brand, shape an unruly cultural conversation, or turn a population segment into eager customers.


“Truth” is not only subjective, it’s manifold, it’s quantifiable and it can be understood and influenced through narratives.


Narrative Analytics. This is the process and this is the business we’ve perfected over the last ten years. We’ve helped enterprises, industries, niche brands, foundations and even governments prevail because with our help, they know how to address their constituents from the inside of their own hearts and minds. We know the power of narratives because we’ve seen it in action.


We know there’s a big future for Protagonist, because the world continues to be fraught with discord, contradictions, missteps and the soaring aspirations that humans persist in having no matter what the headlines say.


Narrative Analytics WORKS.


I’m feeling good.