Millennial Beliefs on Investing

Millennial Investing
Monday, November 20 2017 Reinhard Cate Content Marketing Manager Categories:

By Reinhard Cate


The stereotype of millennials as the selfie-taking, avocado toast-eating, living out of their parents’ basement generation, probably doesn’t lend well to them being a large and powerful segment of investors. However, the reality is while many millennials have made the leap to invest in the stock market, homes, and in new opportunities like cryptocurrency, a whole host of this generation have opted out.


We decided to take a deeper look to understand the beliefs about investing that are held by millennials. The Protagonist platform used machine learning and narrative analytics to take a look at the beliefs millennials have about investing their money and surfaced some core narratives about why they’ve chosen not to invest or why they’re hesitant. The narratives or underlying beliefs that are held about investing that are showcased in this infographic are critical to repelling or attracting this critical segment.