Modern Marketing And The Advantages Of Claims Detection

Friday, August 25 2017 Aaron Harms EVP, Product and Technology Categories:

The good news is that the AI landscape just keeps getting better. You can accomplish so many mind-blowing things with AI-powered advancements in analytics, including, of course, getting to a new level of understanding about what and how people think. That’s what we’re doing here at Protagonist with Narrative Analytics. As you start to weave new AI-enabled capabilities into your marketing operation, it’s worth exploring an emerging field called claims detection, also known as argument mining.


Claims detection is not new. According to an article in DigitalDundee, it actually dates back to the ancient Greeks. However, claims detection has been a difficult nut for modern-day AI to crack due to its complexity and the reliance on both advanced algorithms and human interpretation.


So, what are claims? When someone expresses a belief, or as we call it a narrative, that belief is comprised of a bunch of claims. Claims are the declarative statements we make to support our position in an argument. They’re what we use to persuade others to our way of thinking. So, if you want to influence your customers, it’s not only important to understand the narratives motivating their behavior, it’s equally important to understand the claims that feed those narratives. That opens the door to using claims in your messaging that will fuel the narratives you want your customers saying and thinking about your brand, and ultimately doing the things you want them to do.


Both IBM and Oracle are already utilizing claims detection in marketing and other aspects of their business. But, what does it mean for the rest of us?


Claims are critical elements in narrative battles. Every narrative your customers align to is just a series of claims being made, points and counterpoints you need to grasp in order to leverage.


Not all claims are meaningful. Break down consumer narratives into the most significant claims. Use these claims to better connect with your coustomers and harness them to learn more.


Utilize claims in everything from marketing content to product development. When you engage with customers and create an emotional connection, conversion and growth quickly follows.


As modern marketers, understanding the narratives that drive our customers is the single most important thing we can do. However, mastering the actual claims, statements and persuasions they use in those narratives takes our communication to another level of sophistication.