The challenge marketers face

Protagonist helps corporations, foundations, non-profits and government organizations win their
narrative battles with insights and strategies grounded in quantifiable audience beliefs.

Navigating a
Brand Crisis

Whether your brand is in the midst of a crisis from a recall, data breach or other issue, understanding the Narrative Landscape is critical to survival.

Changing Public
Opinion About a Topic

From changing views around education to battling legislation that’s a threat to your business, Narrative Analytics reveals the levers to change people’s beliefs.

a Competitor

To successfully challenge a competitor that’s owning the conversation, the full landscape of beliefs reveals where to play and how to win.

The Protagonist solution

Understand what people believe

Protagonist helps you, in a quantifiable way, understand the deep perceptions that motivate people to be on your side, to be loyal customers, to trust your solution to their problems, as well as the primary negative beliefs that stand in your way.

Build and execute your Narrative Strategy

Drawing on a clear, data-driven view of people’s beliefs and motivations around a topic, Protagonist surfaces the narrative levers you can use, then gives you Communications Playbooks so you know exactly what to say and where to say it to shift the battle in your favor.

Monitor and optimize

Monitoring the Narrative Landscape shows you if your efforts are successfully influencing beliefs, while uncovering new opportunities as the ground moves under you.

A customer experience

“Looking at this analysis last night changed how
we talked to the media this morning.”

CEO, Global Energy Company

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