Understand and Influence the Narratives that Matter

Protagonist helps organizations communicate more effectively through a data-driven understanding of public discourse.

Can you use data to read the room?

Protagonist uses Artificial Intelligence, NLP, and Machine Learning
to surface, measure, and track the Narratives that matter to your organization.

Surface the full range of audience beliefs & motivations

Gain insight into people’s beliefs about your brand, industry, or cause on a massive scale – all measured and tracked over time.

Find the levers

Discover where to play and how to win with a data-driven Narrative Strategy guiding messaging, positioning, segmentation, and campaigns.

Understand the drivers behind the narratives

Uncover and identify the events, people, and channels that influence beliefs – so you can take action.


Evaluate how your efforts influence beliefs in a measurable way, as well as maintain visibility into what’s really happening in the Narrative Landscape.

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