Man holding green post-it note with "AI" for artificial intelligence
Wednesday, March 3 2021 Joicee Lu Categories:

You’ve probably heard of Machine Learning (ML), and may be familiar with the idea that ML is a way for…

light bulb on chalkboard
Sunday, January 31 2021 Joicee Lu Categories:

What is Machine Learning? Increasingly, marketers, researchers and change agents are turning to leading-edge technology to enhance their craft. You’ve…

Millennial Investing
Monday, November 20 2017 Reinhard Cate Content Marketing Manager Categories:

The stereotype of millennials as the selfie-taking, avocado toast-eating, living out of their parents’ basement generation, probably doesn’t lend well to them being a large and powerful segment of investors.

Game of Thrones
Wednesday, October 25 2017 Reinhard Cate Content Marketing Manager Categories:

Here at Protagonist, like everyone else we’re waiting impatiently for next year’s release of the final season…